A space dedicated to developing a state of connection to yourself and becoming your biggest cheerleader.

We do the inner work of unlearning past conditioning and rewiring our brain and nervous system.

Numbing, suppressing our feelings or using unhealthy coping mechanisms is a thing of the past.

We do this so that we can live BIG, be authentic, show up for our people, and take action in alignment with our values and wildest dreams!

 If you're ready to meet the love of your life, experience daily joy, change careers, be supported through a life transition and develop an entirely new way of living - you're in the right place!

Energy School provides high-level practical tools, knowledge, and support, to guide you to unravel your unique gifts with our membership, group programs, private coaching & podcast.

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Becka is your spiritual teacher & mindset coach. She is a Canadian-born, energy healer, entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, and guide who spends her time between Ontario, Canada and Tulum, Mexico.

12 years ago, she hit a physical and mental health rock bottom, which led her to search for alternative modalities after trying all the mainstream specialists and treatments for years with no success. That was the start of her awakening journey.

 After experiencing massive health and life shifts from energy healing and mindset practices. It led her to quit her 9-5 job to find her purpose, leave a 7-year relationship, relocate to another country, and meet her soul-aligned partner (plus so much more)!

 After experiencing such a massive transformation herself, she knew was time to begin her training and share this with others. Since then, she has worked with and healed thousands of souls from across the world - both in person and online through retreats, programs, classes and 1:1 sessions. 

Your health, your energy and your mind, they’re all connected.

Let’s create balance in your body, mind & soul to manifest your new reality!