Unleash the next stage of your personal growth & spiritual development.

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An 8-week program to elevate your life, inside and out.

I’m inviting you to take a journey with me. This is the journey to total happiness, love, abundance and the life you've always wanted, but haven't figured out how to get on your own.

Do you struggle to feel good enough?

Keep attracting uncommitted partners?

Aren’t happy within yourself?

Lack boundaries?

Stuck in an unfulfilling job?

Know you're meant for so much more?

Maybe you need a change in your life and feel lost about what to do?

Or perhaps you are so over the same mundane daily cycle?

Perhaps you spend most of your weekdays counting down until the weekend or daydreaming about your next vacation.

And your happiness is currently based on spending money, eating, drinking and distractions that feel good at the moment, but leave you feeling empty at the end of the day ...

... it’s time to restore true peace, fulfillment and happiness within yourself!

When you come back to this beautiful inner place, your outer world begins to reflect the same magic back to you.

When you change, everything changes.

No more playing the victim of your life, you've done that for far too long.

Let's take back your power & elevate your life! 


Total life expansion...

You are about to undergo a true transformation process. The person who enters this portal at the beginning and exits it at the end are two completely different energies.

By joining this program, you and your life become unrecognizable in the best way as you undergo this process. You enter as the caterpillar and exit as the beautiful butterfly.

You will be led every step of the way through this transformation process!


*Envision yourself 8 weeks from now*

You feel much more clear on who you are as a person and way more confident to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

You have the tools to manage your emotions and triggers day-to-day with a new perspective.

You feel at peace making decisions and empowered to make leaps towards your desires.

You are a magnet for magic and miracles, opportunities and success.

You glow, inside and out. 

It's time to makeover your life...

To be that confident person who lights up the room, rather than dimming your light and comparing yourself to others.


To attract new aligned romantic partners and friendships who get you on a soul level.


To love yourself conditionally, rather than beating yourself up.


To feel worthy to go after what you want and reach your desires, rather than continuing to play it small.


To develop an exciting new way of experiencing life rather, than staying in the same old daily cycle.
To expand your emotional intelligence rather than letting your emotions run you.


To create boundaries, rather than people pleasing and letting others drain you.


To make positive changes in your life rather than staying trapped in fear and in the same place year after year.


To find the guidance and answers within rather than placing your decisions in the hands of others. 
To go after your dream job, relationship, home, business and travel.


To allow new mindsets, habits, meaningful connections, limitless abundance and total bliss to be the new normal.



It will trigger you in beautiful ways


You will be held and supported.

You will be seen and validated.

There will be moments when you will want to turn away.

If you’re ready for this level of deep transformation work, then Energy Makeover is ready for you.

No more running away. No more avoiding.

No more living the same sh*t over and over again.

It is one of the most expansive and heart-opening gifts you can give yourself.

You won't be leaving anything unturned


This is your safe space to let that sh*t go. No fluff around here.

Don’t sign up for this program if all you want to do is a journal, feel a high vibe and only the good.

If you want to dig deep into your soul, face your shadow and the parts of you keeping you stuck.

If you’re ready to do the deep work, ready to be raw and vulnerable...

It’s your soul telling you it’s time for an Energy Makeover.

You will leave the program in a whole new magnetic energy.

If you’ve been listening to all the podcasts, following all the inspiring people, doing the affirmations, journaling daily, and still not seeing results, I got you!

Although we do some of that work, it goes SO much deeper in this program.

You're getting all my tools, tips & tricks that you will take with you for the rest of this lifetime.

There's no gatekeeping around here!



On-Demand Portal of Lessons & Tools

12+ hours of proven methodologies and healing techniques to enhance your life with 8 modules of lessons, guided healing, reflection, reprogramming & integration work.

24+ Guided Healings & Meditations 

These guided healings cover every area of your life. You will uncover so much unconscious baggage that is ready to go! These are essentials you'll keep going back to over and over again.

80+ Shadow Work Prompts & Integration

Showing up for a healing session is great, it's just as important to integrate this knowledge and put it into practice in your daily life. You are fully guided during the integration process.

10+ Reprogram


Once you've released and created space, you must fill that space with new frequencies. You will reprogram and create new neural pathways.



 On-demand support in your pocket with lifetime access on both your desktop and mobile app. It's a tool you will keep coming back to, with new content always being added.

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You will be taken step-by-step to clear your trauma, mindset blocks & heal your body, creating space for major breakthroughs. Get ready to access total alignment with your desires, develop new daily habits and elevate your life - inside & out.

MODULE 1: Activating Your Energetic Vibration & Mastering Your Mindset

Your life transformation journey begin with aligning the vision of your best version self. Get the knowledge and tools heal your blocks and master your mindset so you can start living a life you love.
  • Understanding your emotions
  • Protecting your energetic space
  • Having awareness in your daily thoughts, feelings & habits to raise your vibration
  • Connection between your emotional health and your physical health
  • 3 guided energy healings
  • 10 shadow work and integration prompts
  • 1 taping reprogramming sequence
This module provides you with the essential habits, routines and self-awareness to truly change your life. You will take these practices with you throughout this program, but also your entire lifetime!

MODULE 2: Developing Inner Authority & Healing Your Inner Child

Without a strong foundation, nothing in your life will change. This comes from the beliefs, conditioning and experiences you went through with your family from a young age that has unconsciously made you who are you today.
  • Stabilizing your nervous system and taking it out of fight or flight
  • Uncovering the root of your fears, conditioning and beliefs
  • Releasing childhood and parental trauma
  • Understanding your chakra system of health and healing
  • Balancing your root chakra
  • 3 guided energy healings
  • 10 shadow work and integration prompts
  • 1 taping reprogramming sequence


This module guides you to a experience a greater sense of security and stability in your life to reach your next level self.

MODULE 3: Uncovering Deep Rooted Emotional Blocks, Triggers & Coping Mechanisms

What triggers you reveals what you need to heal. If you do not face the parts of yourself you tend hide from the world, and perhaps even yourself yourself, you will never be able to fully embody the most radiant version of yourself.
  • Confronting shame, addictions and copying mechanisms
  • Unlocking what's preventing you from living in joy
  • Connecting to your sexual energy for vitality, creativity and overall wellbeing
  • Balancing your sacral chakra
  • 3 guided energy healings
  • 10 shadow work and integration prompts
  • 1 taping reprogramming sequence
This module guides you to heal your deepest wounds so you can access your divine feminine energy and  to flow into your next-level self.

MODULE 4:  Calling Back Your Personal Power, Confidence & Boundaries

You were born knowing you're worthy, whole and complete, but the experiences you've been through have made you think otherwise. It's time to unlearn these stories you've told yourself for so long to finally access the most magical parts of yourself.
  • Overcoming people pleasing and creating boundaries
  • Uncovering confidence blocks
  • Allowing yourself to feel worthy, whole and complete
  • Balancing your solar plexus chakra
  • 3 guided energy healings
  • 10 shadow work and integration prompts
  • 1 taping reprogramming sequence
This module guides you to radiate confidence and after everything you want in this life, stepping past both the constraints of yourself and others.

MODULE 5: Opening Your Heart to Love & Abundance

It might sound cliche..but ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. Living in the vibration of love changes everything, but first you must unlock what's been blocking your heart and heal it. Love is the highest vibrational frequency and abundance follows love.
  • Uncovering grief, resentment, judgement and jealousy that are keeping you stuck
  • Accessing self-love and inner peace
  • Attracting abundance using the energy of love
  • Balancing your heart chakra
  • 3 guided energy healings
  • 10 shadow work and integration prompts
  • 1 taping reprogramming sequence
This module will guide you access complete love within yourself, others and the world around you.

MODULE 6: Connecting to Your Authentic Truth, Communication & Beliefs

Your self-expression is your greatest service to yourself and the world. If you don't let yourself be seen, then who else will?  It is how you let the world see your personality and who you truly are at your core.


  • Why you're keeping yourself small
  • Uncovering your voice and core beliefs
  • Feeling heard and opening clear communication
  • Balancing your throat chakra
  •  3 guided energy healings
  •  10 shadow work and integration prompts
  •  1 taping reprogramming sequence
This module will guide you to have your voice be heard and release any inner conflict between your own self-expression and the pressure to conform with the world around you.

MODULE 7: Developing Self-Trust, Clarity & Intuition

Your intuition is your superpower. When something feels off... it is. You know the feeling - but do you always listen to it? You intuition already knows what's best for you. No other outside authority can make that decision, because the only person who truly knows what's best for you, is you.


In This Module:
  • Uncovering how your mind blocks you from your souls desires
  • Making decisions for your highest good without seeking external validation
  • Quieting and calming the mind to become besties with your intuition and guidance system
  • Balancing your third eye chakra
  • 3 guided energy healings
  • 10 shadow work and integration prompts
  • 1 tapping reprogram sequence
This module will guide you to start trusting your intuition in all areas of your life. When you follow those intuitive nudges over fear, magic happens.

MODULE 8: Art of Surrender & Connecting to Higher Consciousness

The more you let go, the higher you rise. The unknown is where all things are possible.  Trust and surrender.


  • Deepening your spiritual connection to source
  • Moving from an energy of worry to trust so you can surrender to the sweetness
  • Accessing divine guidance & spirit guide connection 
  • Balancing your crown charka
  • 3 guided energy healings
  • 10 shadow work and integration prompts
  • 1 tapping reprogram sequence
This module will guide you to tap into higher consciousness and librate yourself from the prison your mind has kept you in, allowing you to show up as who you're truly meant to be in this world!


Becka is a Canadian-born, energy healer, master mindset coach & spiritual teacher who spends her time between Ontario, Canada and Tulum, Mexico.

She has had the opportunity to teach and healed with thousands of people from across the world, both in person and online.

Over a decade ago, she hit a physical and mental health rock bottom, which led her to search for alternative modalities after trying all the mainstream specialists and treatments for years with no success.

After experiencing massive health and life shifts from energy healing, mindset practices & spiritual tools, she knew it was time to begin her training and share this who other way of living with others. 

​Becka went on to complete certifications in Reiki, Alchemical Healing, Crystal Healing, Past Life Healing, Generational Healing, Life and Mindset Coaching.

Your health, your energy and your mind - they’re all connected. Let’s create balance in your body, mind & soul to reach all your greatest desires!









  • 16 hours /// 8 modules of on-demand classes & tools
  • 24+ guided energy healings
  • 80+ shadow work prompts
  • Interactive assignments
  • Knowledge-base portal
  • Lifetime access

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Energy School Bundle, let us know within the first 7-days for a full refund.