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"I am a BIG fan of the collective.

It's nice to know it's there whenever I want to try out something new, catch a replay of something missed or revisit something I enjoyed. I love the content and how Becka delivers it in a way you can understand at any level of spiritual experience."

- Carol R.

"I love the Healing Collective and all of the content.

Even if I'm not joining the live session, I always still feel a sense of community. There is a great variety of content to explore and I always have something to guide me when I need some support."

- Pri V.

"I love the live sessions

but also that resources are available after the fact. I work shift work so cannot always make it to the live sessions so the replays come in handy! I also love the variety of information that is provided and introduced."

- Elizabeth V.

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"My life looks and feels so different after the Energy Makeover!

Becka is intuitive and knowledgeable. I love learning from her and feel safe working through healing trauma and blocks in this space. There was so much I didn't even know I had to work through. Since the program, I got a new job, my relationship has improved and how I feel about myself has changed in the best way. I feel excited to wake up again and for the next part of my journey. Thank you!!

- Kara B.

"Thank you! Thank you! I loved Energy School.


I had basic knowledge before starting the course and came out feeling super grounded and able to connect so much better with myself.

I am so grateful for Becka and her amazing ability to teach and share. I would 100% recommend Energy School!

I am excited to go back to continue doing the healings and lessons as new things come up that I need to work on.

- Charlotte D.

"I am proud my of myself for letting go of the stories and fears that were holding me back.


I've spent my entire life questioning myself and replying to others. I know I lack boundaries and put others before myself.

After this course I know I am enough as I am. I don't have to give my energy to others to feel worthy and I have all the answers.

I can't thank you enough for giving me my life back."

-Mel T.

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 "I am happier with myself and love myself more than I ever have.

I used to want to blend in and use others as a model of what I wanted to reach, and the more I move away from that, the happier I become. I feel less worried about judgements from others. My sense of self-worth, both for me and my business, feels much stronger. I am more confident that I am/will continue to succeed and have been able to make a number of higher-cost investments in my business in the last couple of months. I know working with you continued to raise that self-worth a lot and make it easier to do so."

-Angie G.


"This was my first experience investing in a program like this,

I am so thankful I did. Becka supported me in realizing that everything is already within me and that it is only me who can take control and make my dreams come true. an equally powering and terrifying realization.

What a gift it's been to take back the power and be in the driver's seat and co-create with the universe. I am ready to move towards who I came here to be."

- Ashton A.


"Working with Becka was an absolute blessing.

I am so happy I invested this money and time in myself. The 1:1 healing sessions with Becka were so empowering, we uncovered A LOT, way more than I even realized and the support throughout the month was just what I needed! In between our sessions if anything came up I would message Becka and she would talk me through it and support me. I can't thank Becka enough! I let go of the self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I felt I was always second-guessing myself and after this, I feel so clear about my vision and mission moving forward."

- Sam S.

"Your kindness and ingenuity made it easy to trust and open up to you.

There are few people where I feel genuinely understood, and you have been able to do that for me. You confirming things I have seen and felt (past lives, instincts) has helped me to trust my own power more and I'm so excited to continue on that path. I have been on what feels like a lifelong healing journey (over 10 years), trying everything, and feel I have made huge strides since tuning into my energy and spirituality over the last couple of years. I know you were meant to come into my life at this time. It gave me the support I needed to break through some major blocks and build up my self-worth. I'm so grateful you are part of the process."


"Becka is amazing to work with not only as an energy healer but as a business coach as well!

When I first started my business I had no entrepreneurial experience whatsoever. Becka has been there for me every step of the way! She not only walked me through the practicalities of starting my business but she also has been there as someone to bounce ideas off of. As different triggers came up, Becka has been there to help me work through them and remove those blocks! She's helped me work on my self-confidence and belief in myself. Thanks to Becka, went from being a brand new business to a growing and thriving business, that's planning for a magnificent year ahead!"

- Andrea M.

"1:1 coaching with Becka has been one of the best investments I've ever made.

When I first started working with Becka, I was living a fear-driven anxious life.

Thanks to the work that Becka and I have done together, I have been able to make HUGE mindset and life shifts. I love the relationship that we have built and that she's is always challenging me to up-level in every way!

We've been on this journey together for over 2 years and I value the space that is always held for me as a continue going through deaths and rebirths."

- Stephanie T.


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Love love love this podcast!

 Each episode is filled with golden nuggets of information and inspiration!"

- Alexlee28

Always spreading great vibes!

"I was always looking forward to your past podcast episodes and I'm so happy you started your own in your own area of expertise!"

- Healthyliving31

Becka is so knowledgeable

She's an amazing speaker. I love how she gives examples from her own life when explaining concepts and ideas. Can't wait to listen to more episodes!

- Amandag